Founded in 2010, SHORE came to fruition due to the lack of knowledge in our community about SMJ diseases. Unlike the Ashkenazi Jewish community, Sephardic and Mizrachi Jews were unaware of these diseases and prevention was not a priority.

SHORE is dedicated to creating a grassroots community-based initiative to ensure parents are making informed decisions during the family planning stages.  We believe the key to curtailing these diseases is in prevention and education.

Our Story 


SHORE is a collaborative organization 501(c)(3) comprised of synagogues, prominent members, physicians, and spiritual leaders from the Sephardic Mizrachi Jewish (SMJ) community sharing a common goal of combating genetic diseases.

Our Founders

Gidon Akler, MD, FACMG


Dr. Gidon Akler is a board certified medical geneticist that has made it his mission in life to prevent and treat genetic conditions and is the world expert in Sephardic/Mizrachi Jewish genetic diseases. He has done much research on the subject of SMJ diseases leading to development of genetic testing panels for these populations in the US and Israel.   

Bahman Kamali

Mr. Kamali is a prominent leader in the Iranian Jewish community and is a big advocate for genetic disease screening and prevention. Having a grandchild who was affected and passed away from a genetic disease brought this subject close to home for him and he has been working to promote awareness and prevention ever since.