To know your carrier status.

Preconception genetic carrier testing is advised for all individuals and/or couples.

Screening is usually painless and done through a quick saliva or cheek swab test.

Why Genetic Testing Matters


Most genetic screening panels being offered are still limited in the scope, and awareness is lacking beyond the Ashkenazi Jewish population. A shortage of funding coupled with stigmatization of carrier status are two examples of barriers to screening individuals in these communities. 


We now have access to the most comprehensive testing in the world for the entire Jewish population; the testing includes over 100 Jewish genetic diseases encompassing over 40 Ashkenazi Jewish diseases, over 30 Sephardic/Mizrachi Jewish diseases and at least 10 disease common to both Ashkenazi and non-Ashkenazi Jewish populations. 

Carriers are asymptomatic.
Two carriers can still have healthy children with the proper guidance.
Know your carrier status.